Bomb Rush Cyberfunk keeps looking better and better


Bomb Rush Cyberfunk keeps looking better and better

Go beyond rollerblading

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk has been around my radar for a while now. This stylish action sports game with serious Radio Jet Set vibes caused a stir with its debut, and its latest trailer adds even more.

Deadly league Developer Team Reptile has debuted Bomb Rush Cyberfunk with the kind of activities you expect: skating, dancing and graffiti tagging. It all looks amazing, with action sports that look silky smooth, a world and characters sticking out of the screen, and all the features you would want from a game with graffiti. and extreme sports.

So what does the latest trailer add? Two new ways to explore the city.

Team Reptile’s latest teaser features both skateboarding and BMX cycling as two more ways to get around the city. In a message included with the trailer, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Game director Dion Koster says the game is a “great symphony of street culture,” building on that feeling of going to the local skatepark or hanging out at the mall.

Moving in style will be important, as Koster says a lot of secrets are uncovered through points and combos performed throughout the scene. And with a skateboard, BMX bike, inline skates, and your own two feet, there are plenty of ways to move in style.

I’m trying to control the expectations for trailers and previews, but man it’s hard to deny that the trailer above is really, really interested in me. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk. Looks like Team Reptile really stands out from the crowd Radio Jet Set series, doing their own thing and building an elegant world of turf wars and sick movements. It will be one to watch when he falls this year. You can wish it on Steam here.

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