BoardGameTables Adds New Gaming Table Offerings

BoardGameTables Adds New Game Table Offerings

BoardGameTables Adds New Game Table Offerings

BoardGameTables Adds New Game Table Offerings

I don’t know about you, but as an avid board player a game table is something that I will be looking to invest in at some point in the future. Granted, I don’t need it, but I really want one because it will make my board game experiences a bit better!

So far I’ve mostly thought I should save for a fancy GeekChic table, which is a pretty expensive proposition even with its excellent finish.

Fortunately, they are not the only player in the market. has only been around for about a year, but already they’ve stepped up to fill the gaming table niche. Their tables also feature this recessed play area, fabric in the play area, and racks. optional cups. They started with the 3 ′ x 5 ′ Rectangular Table and the 51 ″ Hex Table, but expanded their offering to include:

  • 3 ‘x 6’ long rectangular table – Seats up to 8 people
  • Square table 3 ‘x 3’ – Especially for small games
  • 4 ‘x 6’ Field Table – For people who love their minis
  • 2 ‘x 3.5’ coffee table – For those who like to play from their sofa

BoardGameTables Adds New Game Table Offerings

The prices of these tables are also much cheaper than the GeekChic tables. The coffee table starts at $ 799. The square, long rectangle, and field table start at $ 1,399, $ 1,999, and $ 2,499, respectively. And you can still get the original rectangle and hexagon for $ 1,599.

In addition to these new tables, is also launching a few new add-ons, namely acrylic sheet, side shelves and card holders. They will even allow you to customize the height of your table so that you can get the table that suits you the best!

BoardGameTables Adds New Game Table Offerings

Certainly my time horizon for purchasing a board game table is going to be in the distant future. Maybe in 2 years at the earliest. Hopefully by that time there will be more options available for tables that I can not only get them for a good price, but also get a good quality table that will last, but at the very least , these are a good starting point. After all, he will have to be able to survive an Imperial assault campaign!

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