Blizzard’s Former Co-Lead Jen Oneal Reportedly Resigned Due to Being “Tokenized, Marginalized, and Discriminated Against”


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Activision Blizzard has been in a storm of controversy in recent months over allegations of widespread and persistent abuse against employees, and a recent Wall Street Journal report has only made matters worse for the company, the CEO Bobby Kotick being involved in despicable acts. Actions. The report also shed light on a number of other surprising revelations, such as the departure of Blizzard Entertainment co-head Jen Oneal.

Shortly after the company was first sued by the California Department of Employment and Fair Housing in July this year, Blizzard Entertainment chairman J. Allen Brack was fired and replaced by co-editors Mike Ybarra and Jen Oneal. Just three months later, Oneal ended up resigning and also left the company, and the aforementioned WSJ report claims that this was due to Oneal’s dissatisfaction with the conduct and practices of the company. business.

In an email sent by Oneal to Activision Blizzard’s legal department, she explained that she felt “it was clear that the company would never give our people the right priority,” which helped when he leaves. In other emails sent by her and seen by the WSJ, Oneal, who herself had been sexually harassed during her years at the company, also “professed a lack of confidence in Activision’s leadership for change. culture, ”according to the report.

Oneal also wrote in an email: “I have been symbolized, marginalized and discriminated against. Surprisingly, the report reveals that she was actually paid less than Ybarra, even though they both held the same positions as the co-heads of Blizzard Entertainment.

Not only were Activision Blizzard’s actions then primarily performative, they weren’t even truly performative.

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