Apex Legends Review – A Fun Entry Into The Battle Royale Genre


WWith so many battle royale games these days, it’s easy to get tired. You can hardly go a month or two without a new title coming out. Even long-standing franchises like Call of Duty threw their hats in the rink. What I mean is you have to offer a really high quality product if you want to even get noticed by the general public. So how is the last outing of Fall of the titans mighty fare from Respawn Entertainment?

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“You have to offer a very high quality product if you want to even get noticed by the general public. So how is the most recent release of Fall of the titans Respawn Entertainment rate? “

Apex Legends is Respawn’s crack in the battle royale genre. You probably know the deal by now: you band together with two other players and drop off a ship on a large map in order to search for guns and survive until the end of the turn. This game takes place in the Fall of the titans universe, and it’s pretty obvious once you step into the game. You will have access to most of the weapons that you have become accustomed to in the game. Fall of the titans games, and a lot of animations seem to come out of the beloved shooter. You could even play as one of those robots that you would always see running in the background.

Which brings us to the characters. One of Apex Legends’ The biggest twists in the battle royale formula are the introduction of hero characters. When starting a game, you choose from a selection of six characters, with two more to unlock. These characters all have their own quirks, from access to a grappling hook to a deployable healing station. While giving players abilities that not all other players have might seem counterintuitive to the whole concept of battle royale, it actually works very well. No character has such a powerful tool that it outright surpasses any other class. With smart use, each class can be a useful asset to a team. Squad makeup isn’t something that a lot of battle royale games have players, and it makes Apex Legends get out of the pack.

Using the abilities is just plain fun and did a lot to engage me. I’d be out of luck if someone had a good gun before me. I could either make it out and live to fight another day, or spot the enemies and sneak around them. Learning to use these abilities creatively is when Apex Legends is at its best. While you can easily use a teleportation chain to quickly escape trouble, you can also use it to disorient enemies trying to follow you. These extra wrinkles make it fun to keep playing and experimenting with all of the different characters.

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“While giving players abilities that all other players don’t have may seem counterintuitive to the whole concept of battle royale, it actually works very well.”

Let’s talk about the gameplay. To those of you who know Fall of the titans, you will probably have to adjust to some things that you took for granted before. On the one hand, there is no running wall. Apex Legends is a much more grounded game. You won’t be summoning giant mechs in this title either. However, you are still able to climb low walls and glide through hills or in the middle of a fight. Overall, the game is as tight as you would expect from a game coming out of Respawn. Apex Legends ends up feeling like Fall of the titans-light, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun time – it’s just a different set of skills to adapt to.

Shooting in this game is also enjoyable. All guns feel as good as they did in Fall of the titans, with tons of feedback every time the trigger is pressed. You have tons of options if you can find them, and there’s a lot of gear to pick up around the map as well. Picking up items and sorting your menus has always been the bane of battle royale titles, especially on consoles, but thankfully, Apex Legends above all avoid this pitfall. The user interface is streamlined and easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can quickly equip items and armor as you find them in the wild without having to manually switch gear. You still have easy access to your healing gear and can open a quick radial menu to select the item you want to use. This system keeps gameplay from getting bogged down in menus and does a lot to improve the pace of a match.

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Apex Legends ends up feeling like Fall of the titans-light, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fun time – it’s just a different set of skills to adjust to. “

However, there are issues present. The card in Apex Legends is also a mixed bag. Starting with the things the map does well, you’ll be able to engage your opponents in a wide variety of biomes and locations. There is also an emphasis on verticality, which sets it apart from other battle royale titles. Like any good battle royale game, you will have a choice of where to recover. Players can travel to more secluded areas, like the sterile and dusty Thunderdome, to start the match slowly without being overly afraid of other players. Or they can try to rush over to the floating Supply Ship, potentially grabbing deadly weapons early in the turn, but likely having to put up with other players along the way.

However, these areas are not always the most inspired places. Too many places on the map look like small pieces of Fall of the titans maps that have been ripped off and loosely linked by grassy plains and muddy slopes. Without differentiating the locations too much, you will have a lot of repetition over time with the game. While the map serves its purpose, the lack of identity is a real shame.

Very quickly, I will go over the progression system that Apex Legends has in place. After the matches you get points for your good performance and after enough time you can spend them to collect cosmetic items. As a free Battle Royale title, most of your points will go towards these cosmetic items and loot boxes. You’ll receive these loot boxes when you level up, and they’ll include gun skins, winning poses, jokes to say for your character, and more. For players who are addicted to this game, the difficulty in gaining another change on a shiny new item will be enough to keep them alive. But for most people, they’ll probably just open a free loot box or two and get on with their lives.

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“The card in Apex Legends is a mixed bag. “

Ultimately, Apex Legends is quite a fun game. While it probably won’t knock out the battle royale juggernauts, it’s a fun time to dive in if you’re fed up with Fortnite and PUBG. The issues the game has with its lack of variety of maps and game modes prevent it from being a truly competitive force in the genre. But there is enough quality content here for players to dive into if they feel like it. If you are just looking for some solid fun and cool toys to play with, then Apex Legends will give you what you want.

This game has been tested on PlayStation 4.

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