Another Zelda: Breath of the Wild thing I haven’t tried: feeding acorns to squirrels


Another Zelda: Breath of the Wild trick I haven’t tried: giving squirrels acorns

Breath of the Wild Squirrels

Now I want to feed everyone

Every time I read a Zelda fact, I want to go out and try it immediately. Much of the game was kept secret until several games or even years after the fact, including this one breath of the wild squirrel treat.

Collected by Redditor aguapic, this wholesome video perfect for the Monday blues features a simple trick: you can feed squirrels acorns. Sure, we’ve all seen “feeding the dogs” because it became a speedrunning phenomenon, but this simple act of kindness to breath of the wild squirrels is probably a bit more unnoticed. As the creator points out, it can be difficult to get squirrels not to run away at the mere sight of you, so doing it on a higher plane can help attract them. However, they do not lead you to treasure like the in- hunting dogs do.

This type of interaction illustrates why Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 may have been delayed. The team was able to design the first game mostly in secrecy and create all these organic interactions with no expectation. All of these clips are basically bonus content, collected from around the web. But with direct sequel and nomenclature codified in stone, breath of the wild 2 will have to bring it. The first thing I check is if you can feed the squirrels acorns!

Give acorns to breath of the wild squirrels:

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