Alan Wake Remastered Sales Have “Started Well” – Remedy


alan wake remastered

Last year, Remedy Entertainment signed a deal with Epic Games that would see the latter fund and release two of the former’s projects, one of which was going to be smaller. This game turned out to be Alan Wake remastered, which launched just over a month ago and has received a strong reception from critics and the public.

But how is the game doing from a business standpoint? The exact numbers haven’t been revealed by Epic Games or Remedy Entertainment, but it looks like things have gone well for the remaster. Or pretty well, anyway. In its recent quarterly financial report, Remedy Entertainment confirmed that Alan Wake remastered sales have “started well”. Sadly, that’s all the developer has said about it, but it certainly looks like the game is selling as well as the developer had expected.

Meanwhile, Remedy Entertainment and Epic Games’ second project, which is a full-fledged AAA game, is heavily rumored to be Alan wake 2. This game went into full production earlier this year.

Recently, Remedy also confirmed that CrossfireX, for which he developed the single player campaign, is also approaching its launch. Meanwhile, the developer also announced the opening of a new studio in Sweden. Read more about it here.

In our review of Alan Wake remastered, we gave it a rating of 8/10, saying: “Alan Wake remastered easily stands out among modern games and the like due to its outstanding design, polished execution, and few technical improvements. You can read our full review here.

Alan Wake remastered is available on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Recent ESRB and PEGI ratings suggest that the game may also be headed for the Nintendo Switch, although no such announcement has yet been made.

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