A Fiery New Deal for Michael Cobley with Orbit The Orbit Team January 6, 2012


SEEDS OF EARTH, the first book in Michael Cobley’s Humanity’s Fire space opera trilogy, was first published in the UK in March 2009. Since then, the series described by Iain M. Banks as “a true galactic space opera” kept readers glued to its pages and eager to read more. Given the outstanding quality of Michael Cobley’s science fiction and his major success so far in the UK, Orbit is delighted to announce a worldwide deal for a new book by this best-selling author. Orbit has acquired the World English rights from Zeno agent John Parker for a new standalone novel by Michael Cobley, set in the Humanity’s Fire universe.

the three covers of Michael Cobley's Seeds of Earth sci-fi trilogy

The new book, WARCAGE, is an action-packed space adventure currently slated for worldwide hardback release in fall 2013. Prior to release, the three existing books in the Humanity’s Fire series will be published by Orbit US, which publishes SEEDS OF EARTH in the US in October, ORPHANED WORLDS in November and THE ASCENDANT STARS in December 2012. Anne Clarke, Editorial Director of Orbit UK, says:

We’re all thrilled with the continued success of Michael Cobley’s superb Humanity’s Fire series, and we’re very excited about WARCAGE and can’t wait to share it with Mike’s fans next year. Michael Cobley is becoming an increasingly important name in science fiction, so we are extremely happy that our colleagues in the United States are also on this adventure with us.

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